Human Resources Forms

    Classification Forms:
    Job Analysis Questionnaire – Regular Form
    Job Analysis Questionnaire – Manager Form

    Position Request Forms:
    Exempt Request Justification Form
    Special Conditions Request Form
    Position Specific Attributes Worksheet
    Request for Language Requirement Form
    Job Description Form

    Reassignment and Job Flyer Request Forms:
    Job Flyer Request Form – 2018

    Relevant Examination Forms (for applicants):
    Veteran’s Preference Application

    Request to Hire Forms:
    Background Verification Form
    Express Classification Form

    Leave Forms:
    Supervisor’s Report of Absence
    FMLA Form – Employee
    FMLA Form – Family Member

    General Forms:
    Personnel Change Form
    Employee Checklist – Equipment and Access Monitoring
    Bilingual Proficiency Request Form – 2018
    Required License Reimbursement Form 2018
    Voluntary Decrease/Increase of Scheduled Work Hours Form 2018

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